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We provide easy to follow, step by step tutorials to achieve success. Our resource center provides proven techniques that you can reference anytime to keep growing your knowledge. For those seeking more than a hobby we can also help build a comprehensive business plan and our SOP’s can help you get certification.  Everything required to engage and maximize potential. 

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My Passion

I am driven to help people in any capacity I can. As an accomplished project manager, I’m someone who always sees a glass half full, turning every challenge into an opportunity to learn and thrive. Currently, I’m a Consultant and Advisor at LifeSizeBox, where I share my unique perspectives on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency through social media channels, including my podcast and YouTube channel. Much like the name suggests, LifeSizeBox is all about encouraging people to think outside the box and go beyond the life-sized boxes they’ve confined themselves to. 

My professional skills and business acumen were honed from training courses and seminars. Moreover, I am well-equipped to deal with complex business problems as I possess relevant computer software skills and knowledge of marketing and networking. I’ve worked across many industries from 1994 through to 2017 – having worked as a supervisor at Kinko’s, a Technical Support Agent for Dell & Sony Vaio, as well as Customer Care Supervisor and Strategic Account Specialist for Sprint Nextel. Later, I took on many more roles – Ticket Broker, General Manager, Retention Specialist, VIP Concierge – which cumulatively brought me to where I am today as a Blockchain Technology enthusiast and Mushroom guru. 

I seek to connect with my audiences in an authentic and productive manner, having established a meetup group with over 1000 members. I also run an active Cryptocurrency Discord group with over 200 members, bringing like-minded individuals together to sow the seeds for a financially rewarding future. Bringing a global perspective to everything I do, I’ve seen various sights in all kinds of places – I’ve attended conferences and Crypto events in San Francisco, Miami and even in Puerto Rico.

Onward to 2022, I’ll be attending Bitcoin Happy Hour Miami. LifeSizeBox.com is also in the works, so do keep an eye out for its launch. 

If you’re looking to connect, feel free to get in touch! I’m always looking for opportunities to expand my network and share knowledge on all things Blockchain-related. 

My Goals

More than five years ago my passion for the fungus kingdom began to grow. Since then I’ve been advocating for the benefits of all mushrooms. Which is why people now call me Shroom Dude.

Moving forward you could call me Crypto Dude. I sold my house in 2017 and bought Bitcoin and other Crypto. Since then I’ve established an incredible meetup group with over 1000 members. And an active Crypto Discord group with over 200 members.

Besides organizing meetups I’ve attended tons of conferences and other Crypto events. From San Francisco to Miami and everywhere in between including Puerto Rico. I also talk about them on my Youtube channel and on Podcasts.

Currently I split my time between mushroom growing consulting and managing our next big event; Bitcoin Happy Hour in Miami taking place Spring/Summer 2022.

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